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Photo Retouching

At Enniskillen Photoshop we can offer a photo retouching and colour correction service. If you have any photographs, slides or negatives in which people have eyes closed, skin blemishes evident or odd object in the way, these can be corrected or removed.

If there is some stranger in your photograph, this person can be removed. Missing family members can even be added into your photographs. Backgrounds can also be changed in photographs. Colour photographs can be changed to black & white, monochrome colour or to a vintage brown 'sepia tone', which gives an older apperance to a photograph.


Below are guideline prices for some of our retouching services:

  • Adding / Removing People £20.00
  • Minimum charge of £10.00 for any retouching

Whatever the question is with regards to a photograph, our staff will be able to offer the best advice as to what can be done with it. Images can even be emailed into us at enniskillenphotshop@gmail.com and we will give you an estimate as to what the cost may be.